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A lot has happened around the pond in the last 6 months, we found out about plans to put the Mill Creek Trail in our backyard, we also found out about the Mill Creek GreenWay Master Plan that was completed in April 2008 and on page 3 It said that meetings with adjacent landowners would be held to help insure accuracy, local preferences and overall consensus. None of the landowners between 500 E. & 700 E. had ever heard of the Master Plan or the Trail Plans.

The first several post’s to this blog will be the history of the actions taken by the 37 homeowners that surround Mill Creek Between 500 East and 700 East, the press we received, and the formation of MCPAC, Mill Creek Pond Action Committee.

Our City Council heard us and eliminated the Trail Plans from the Mill Creek Pond Neighborhood above 500 East. This Blog will also follow the General Plan to make sure our voices are heard into the future.

There have been several accomplishments made by MCPAC Neighbors in the last 6 months and they will be highlighted in this Blog along with future accomplishment’s and Goals. Please add your comments to this Blog to make it a true voice for our neighborhood.

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  1. Lewis says:

    This is putting South Salt Lake, further on the map, as very interested and involved homeowners are taking the move to "take back" their neighborhood, and make a vested interest in taking good care of it.Lewis

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