MCPAC Meeting, September 26,2009

We held our first MillCreek Pond Action Committee meeting today.

The following positions were appointed:
Chair: Steve Norr, Vice Chair: Lewis Galway, Secretary: Terrell McPhee, Research: George Mierisch, Treasuer: Chris Meeker.

Steve Norr requested that Jerold McPhee be responsible for reinstating a homeowners association.

Present: Judith Mincher, Chris Meeker, Terrell McPhee, Rex Green, Errol Remingtion, George Mierisch, Lela Fenn and friend, Alan and Pam Bennett, Steve and Shelly Norr, Lewis Galway, and Janet Mayo.

Mill Creek Trail Feasability Study:
Steve Norr will notify MCPAC when the study has been completed.
Mill Creek Pond Neighborhood Watch:
Neighborhood Watch signs were distributed. It was decided that our Community Policing Officer will be invited to our next neighborhood watch meeting. A date has not been set for this meeting. We are asking for permission to share our contact information with each other for neighborhood watch. Please let us know if we can include you in our Neighborhood Watch Group.
Mill Creek Pond Clean-Up Project:
Shelly Norr & Terrell McPhee Volunteered to clean up the debris that has collected around the beaver dam, the last I heard they were headed to Dick’s to get Hip Waders……………..
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