Important Mill Creek Pond Action Committee Update

Hi Everyone,

Last year on September 26th we held our first MCPAC Meeting, the issue we were facing was an un-wanted trail coming right through our backyards.

We banded together and stopped the trail with the help of our City Council! However the County still wants more access to the Mill Creek Pond, this was brought to my attention during the Granite High Re-Use Meetings. We have also had issues with criminals using the Pond Area for a hiding spot from the Police.

After getting to know each other better over the last 10 months and having several neighborhood meetings we have agreed that a Homeowner’s Association would be the best way to preserve our wonderful backyard area and protect it from the County. And by having control of the common area we could use signage and fencing to secure the area from the criminal element.

I am happy to report that over the last couple of months we have had meetings with SSL City officials and today we met with the SSL Redevelopment Attorney and we have Draft Documents for the Mill Creek Pond Homeowner’s Association a Nonprofit Corporation!

We also have Draft Documents for the Bylaws of the Mill Creek Pond Homeowner’s Association!

What this means to us is that we will be able to put up fences and private property signs as we see fit to keep our backyard area private and more secure from unwanted visitors. The County will still own the property under the water and have an easement to flood the common area, but they will not be able to pursue any further trail plans or additional access other than the property that they own in a couple of areas around the pond. ( Ownership Map is coming soon)

Our next step will be to hold a MCPAC Meeting on Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 10:00 AM at Steve & Shellys backyard 3162 Park Court to present the Homeowner’s Association Documents.

Then we will put our proposal on the South Salt Lake’s Redevelopment Agency’s Agenda in August and ask All of the Mill Creek Pond Neighbors to attend this Meeting, we will be asking them to give the common area property to the Homeowner’s Association VIA a Quitclaim Deed and the HOA will take ownership of the common property, this is just a summary of the process, make sure to be at our MCPAC Meeting to get all of the details and to give your imput.

Mark your calander’s!

JULY 31 2010 AT 10:00 AM


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