Wasatch Hollow Natural Open Space Area

Shelly and I visited the Wasatch Hollow Natural Open Space Area today. It is on 1700 S. and 1650 E. in Salt Lake City. We recently heard about this area , so we decided to learn
everything we can about this natural area. We enjoyed our visit so much today that we decided to learn about as many other natural areas in Salt Lake City as we can,                    so stay tuned….

It looks like any other infill Park from the Street but it leads to a Natural Area

The Wasatch Hollow Natural Open Space Area is approximately 10 acres.

Shelly is heading down the Trail.

This is a beautiful Natural Area.

The Trail goes on along ways…

I can’t believe how much open area there is back here.

At one point we come across a Do Not Enter Sign?

However the trail looked just as used passed the sign as it did in the rest of the Natural Area, so I don’t think the sign has any effect.

As beautiful as this area is, I don’t see any sign of maintenance, there are at least two years of dead tree limbs lying around. The only improvements that I can see are the
signs and the trails created by what seems to be very heavy foot traffic.

When we returned home I goggled Wasatch Hollow and learned that City Officials have considered using surveillance cameras to stamp out trespassing, drinking parties, and
vandalism. Here is one of the Link’s I found:

Overall I think this area is awesome, it seems far enough away from most homes, at least the area we walked before the Do Not Enter sign. However the Barbwire fence isn’t enough to keep trespassers out  in this hidden area.

I don’t think that this area could be compared to our backyard natural area, we have under an acre right in the backyards of homes. This is an awesome 10 acre natural area and
the Community Council is doing a great job of planning for the future of this area!

Here is there
Link:  www.wasatchhollowcc.org

Here is another
Link: http://www.slcgov.com/slcgreen/openspace/Wasatch_Hollow_Open_Space.htm

It will be fun to
follow the Progress of this area.

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