South Salt Lake Freedom Fest

Good News! South Salt Lake will celebrate with its annual Freedom Fest on July 3, 2012

Our Family and Friends get together every year in our backyard to watch the fireworks, some of us view the fireworks from the Mill Creek Pond on Rafts. I had some friends over for the first time last year and they said that was the best Fireworks display they have ever experienced and we are 2 blocks away!

South Salt Lake’s Freedom Fest has come a long way. Click this link to read more.

However after talking with City officials this is the last year they can guarantee the Festival and Fireworks display because the future of the Granite High property is unknown at this point. The City had plans to purchase and renovate the property with a 25 Million dollar bond but the bond lost by 5 votes, if you don’t think every vote counts here’s proof that every vote does count, especially in local elections.

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon so Shelly and I are taking our dogs over to the Track at Granite’s Football Field do walk 4 laps for our mile today.  Our Family and friends love having this open space so close to home, lets hope we can keep it!

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