Sugar House Streetcar Up-Date

There is a great opportunity for investors in the South Salt Lake and Sugar House area, there has already been over $400 Million in private investment in the Sugar House Business District.

South Salt Lake is attracting new businesses and working on a major redevelopment project in part because of the Street Car. But the story for the average investor is there are several single family homes for sale within a couple of blocks of the Street Car Tracks and a large number of Business properties that will all be updated in the coming years as a result of this Street Car Project.

Conceptual artist rendering – Courtesy of the Kentlands Initiative

“In the same way that the Riverwalk transformed downtown San Antonio, and the 16th Street Mall has revitalized downtown Denver, building on the assets of Sugar House and South Salt Lake will make this streetcar district one of the premier urban neighborhoods in the region.” Soren Simonsen, Salt Lake City Councilman

Here are some progress pictures:

Above is looking east from State Street

Below is looking east from 800 EastBelow is looking West from 1000 East

As you can see from the progress pictures, there are several properties that have room for improvement and the Street Car will make the investment in these properties a good investment. It will be interesting to follow the progress of this area over the next several years.

Let me know if you are interested in investment properties along the Street Car Corridor, there are many residential opportunities out there now!

Learn more at:

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