Economic Value of Urban Parks


Above is a pic from Fitts Park in South Salt Lake.


Shelly and I are grateful for the open space we have in our neighborhood and as you can see our cute little dogs agree. The investment that Salt Lake City is making in the Sugarhouse Park area is very impressive and it is adding value to the surrounding area.

SP const

SP tunnel

The Draw at Sugarhouse Park was completed last year and it extends the reach of the Sugarhouse Streetcar by foot or bike to the Park without crossing the very busy 1300 S. traffic. This is the neighborhood of our KW SLC Realty office so I get to see how this area is booming with high quality development.

I’m very impressed with the forward thinking people that are helping the Sugarhouse area to become one of the most sought after communities in Salt Lake County.

High-quality parks also spur economic development by attracting homebuyers and boosting residential property values by as much as 15 percent, meaning greater wealth for residents and increased revenues for cities.

Here is a link to the story I am referring to from the City Park Alliance as well as a news clip about the Draw at Sugarhouse Park.

The Draw at Sugar House now open

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