The New Downtown South Salt Lake

The City of South Salt Lake has been planning this transformation to SSL for years and it’s finally happening. This project is being spearheaded by SSL Mayor Wood and this is one of the most significant actions taken in the City’s 75 year History. In a Collaborative effort with the SSL City Council they passed a new zoning ordinance to spur high quality redevelopment by creating a new downtown district.


Here is the link to the Downtown South Salt Lake Master Plan:

Click to access Downtown_Master_Plan_120215.pdf

This year the land has been cleared and the project area is ready for construction to begin.


One of my favorite businesses in the area, Inkleys has moved across the street to make way for the WinCo grocery store and surrounding new businesses.


The city is reviewing the first sets of plans and the construction should be starting soon.


I will be following this project closely as well as the other Streetcar related development’s in South Salt Lake and Sugarhouse.

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