2009 Fall Clean Up Project

Our Beautiful Pond collects a lot of debris. There’s a natural dam that form’s by Terrell’s backyard. The County would eventually clean it up, but we decided to take on the responsibilityfor cleaning up our backyard Pond and to keep it cleaned up with regular maintenance.
Lewis thought he saw Water Nymph’s in the Pond. No Lou it’s better than that, it’s Shelly and Terrell cleaning out the Pond!
WOW these ladies are Awesome!
When I returned from showing houses I was informed that I was going to carry the pile of debris to the street. Oooouch!
Thankfully they helped me get this stuff to the curb.
Shelly and Terrell have worked very hard on this clean up project!
Lewis is always there to help with the big stuff. George, Errol and Lela had impressive piles of debries on 500 East, and Derrell helped me with the Park Court Common Area.
I even saw Bob planting new sod in the common area!
Thanks to everyone who helped with the clean up project!


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