Why Does the Water Level Change So Often?

We asked our Reasearch Representative George Mierisch to look into this and this is what he found out.


Subject: RE: Mill Creek pond level
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 11:38:46 -0600
From: KCollins@slco.org
To: georgemierisch@hotmail.com

Hi George-

My understanding is that the County Flood Control Maintenance Crew is responsible for maintenance of the pond. Changes to the configuration of the flashboard or water control gate are related to their maintenance activities.

The gate is closed when maintenance is required on the flume between the gate and debris rack near 500 E. That will raise the pond water levels.

The flashboards currently in place above the water control gate is the default level according to the agreement between Salt Lake County and South Salt Lake City. The flashboards are removed only to dry out the pond when it needs dredging like it did 2-3 years ago. Otherwise, they are not removed.

If you observe that the flashboards have been removed or the gate has been closed this winter, please give me a call and I will check it out for you.

The low water levels in the winter may simply be due to less water in Mill Creek at that time of year and there is less water going over the flashboards. Check it out this winter and let me know what happens.

Kathlyn Collins

Water Resources Planning and Restoration Program

Division of Flood Control and Water Quality

Salt Lake County



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1 Response to Why Does the Water Level Change So Often?

  1. Steve Norr says:

    The County came in and pulled the flashboards for maintenance this Winter. Thanks to Georges communications with the County they replaced the flashboards within a couple of weeks, un-like the past several years of mud and a small stream!

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