Boating on the Pond

Every 3rd of July is the annual Fireworks Party
and their are plenty of rafts on the water.
My Nieces & Nephews love to watch the Fireworks
from a raft because you see the Fireworks above
as well as the reflection on the water.
We think this is the best seat in town!
 It’s a common sight to see Lewis coming downstream in his canoe,
you see the Pond in a totally different way from a canoe or a raft,
I highly recommend it.
 I enjoy cruising in my kayak or fishing from my raft.
 Maybe one day we will even catch one of these huge carp.
I hear that there are also trout but I haven’t seen any, have you?
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1 Response to Boating on the Pond

  1. Lewis says:

    Yes, I have seen trout, seen folks catch trout, and I had a friend's son over here, and he caught both trout and carp. Personally, I haven't caught a thing, but then, I'd rather sit on the edge of the pond, than throw a worm in. I'm curious if we have ever had catfish? I am also curious about the minnows, if anyone has ever identified them?Lewis

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