Wildlife Photo’s from around the Pond

I have been watching the Ducks and Geese
and they are staking out their nesting spots.
It wont be long before we see this years new
ducklings and goslings!
Shelly and I have collected photos of several
birds and other wildlife that we share our
backyard with, this is just a small sampling
of the wildlife that lives on the Pond. If you have
photos of other wildlife on the pond e-mail
them to me and I will add them to this Blog.
We love to watch the Canadian Geese
fly in and out, they are so graceful.

This Muscovy Duck is new to our Pond,
I can’t believe how tame it is, he Wait’s for Shelly
at feeding time and paws at the gate until she
opens it to feed him and he comes right in.

We love it when the Mandarin Ducks drop in.

This Pelican stopped in last year.
Shelly got these shots of a Great Blue Heron
last summer, we see this guy or someone who
looks like him almost every year. I couldn’t
believe it the first time I saw a bird like this
in our backyard, we truly live in a special place.
We haven’t seen the domestic Geese for
several years, but they were here when we
moved in and we still remember their Honk.
Shelly spotted this Beaver
Thankfully this Water Snake was as scared of me
as I was of him, this photo was taken along the
bank by Georges house the first year we moved in.
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